A Fungus Among Us!

Always fun to see a tree with a lot of these natural ‘shelves’–shelf fungus that is!

Fun for us squirrels to climb, too!


Old Logs

We like running along old logs.

fallen log

Of course it’s sad when the tree dies and falls, but there’s something very earthy about sinking your claws into the decaying wood and being able to dig into it’s moisture.

fallen log, decomposing

Sometimes, we even find a grub or two to snack on.

Old trees breaking down

Here’s a look at an interesting stump Hickory and I ran by yesterday. The entire center was filled with dirt crumbles…

And on closer inspection, we could see why.

Many large insects have been at work devouring the rotting wood and, er, producing…dirt.

Hickory said, “Hey, why are you bothered? All gardeners know the best dirt comes from worms. Why not insects, too?”

Afterwards, I noticed the next dead tree we ran by also had lumps of half-decomposed wood/dirt sitting near the base.

Am I going to be seeing other animals’ leftovers everywhere now?