Motionless Monday

Hey there!

Isn’t this theist wildlife statue ever?

We spotted him last year and went looking again. He’s in a new spot–obviously the humans here have a sense of humor!

This will be my last Motionless Monday post until spring! Have a great winter and stay warm! Hickory


Motionless Monday

Hey there!

While it’s nice this human likes horns enough to have two of these statues, we squirrels found the placement funny…they don’t appear to be getting along.

Yet, we have days like that, too, so it’s okay.

Have a great week!

Spiders, the first decorators!

It’s that day you humans have been building up to with your fun and gruesome decorations.

So while we watch from afar–and maybe have a nibble of your pumpkins!–we squirrels would like to put out a gentle reminder that nature did it first!

Have a safe day–don’t get caught in a web of your own making! Happy Halloween!