D is for deer

Just like us squirrels, white-tailed deer have settled into suburban life. Keep those trees healthy for both of us! (Sorry, we felt compelled to say that after losing so many in our recent windstorm.)


Thirsty Thursday

Wow. A month of blogging by this motley crew after a winter of slack–er, hibernation. Ol’ Wally here did his part and my regular column falls on the dreaded ‘day after.’

What’s a squirrel to do, but sit back and have a drink? Of water, of course.

White-tailed deer

Our Reston streams attract regular visitors. Hickory and Nutmeg saw this one–too far for this old squirrel to travel–but mind you, this was a week ago. We’re getting some nightly heavy rain here in the mid-Atlantic. We squirrels are smart enough to stay away from the flooding streams and trust you humans will, too.

Oh Deer!

Hickory called his usual exclamation when he spotted this White-tailed Deer wander in from the golf course, and punched me in the shoulder, like this was a real find.

What is it with that squirrel? Seeing deer isn’t that unusual for us. Obviously, far more squirrels live in suburbia than large mammals. We have a few additional options for home locations and finding food, so we fit in better.

“Ahem.” Hickory cleared his throat.


“Some squirrels aren’t so discerning with their options and end up annoying humans just as much as the deer do.”