Thirsty Thursday

It’s nice that a few of you folks are dressing up the watering stations for wildlife!

But folks, these hot days we’ll drink fresh water out of any container! Remember to place some water on the ground for amphibians and reptiles who can’t climb. Thank you!


Just a quick bite!

This rose-breasted grosbeak flew in and out again, because these days no one wants to be out in the sun long. We squirrels are avoiding the streets–it’s hot on our paws, and we move fast! We’re feeling sorry for those animals who can’t and hope you humans are remembering their paws can’t take the heat. Wildlife will really appreciate it if you can put out an extra dish of water!

Thirsty Thursday

Well folks, we’ve had some excellent weather this last week. Cool enough we squirrels leaped over to the big pond to have a poke around. Spotted a few birds relaxing, and Hickory wanted to steal this one for a Sunday mystery, but my water column fell first. Still, I’ll ask, do you recognize him?

It’s a black-crowned night heron, which as their name implies, are mainly active at night or early mornings. By the time we arrived, he was done with catching fish and crayfish and moving on to rest and preening.

There’s a look at some mighty fine feathers! Enough to make even a squirrel proud.

W is for Water on Thirsty Thursday

For those readers just joining us, Thursday is traditionally our ‘water day’ on The Squirrel Nutwork. So while we had thought to use a different ‘W’ for this year’s Blogging From A to Z Challenge, we can’t deviate!

W is for water…

Some places in nature fresh water is plentiful.

In others, it’s in short supply.

Regardless, we all need it to survive, whether we are water dwellers or not.

Protect your water sources.

F is for Frozen

And by frozen, we squirrels don’t mean what most of you humans are thinking…

We mean it’s gonna snow again! Yes, we are expecting below zero temperatures tonight and through next week! Please keep an eye out for wildlife–we’re as shocked as you are–and just like in the dead of winter, keep water unfrozen for us. Thanks!

Thirsty Thursday

Folks, it’s been dry this fall. But this old squirrel, with his comfortable suburban life knowing which houses have a birdbath or backyard pond the humans keep filled, had no idea the local natural waterways were faring this poorly.

Yikes, that is low for our local pond.

We haven’t had a freeze–ha, far from it!–so the place was still abuzz with insects, like this male Autumn Meadowhawk.

Despite finding the pond in less than its best state, I’m happy I took the outing while our weather is balmy.

Thirsty Thursday

Hello folks.

Were you out in the heat yesterday? We squirrels laid low here in our Virginia suburbs, and you should do the same…unless you are filling those bird baths!

Ol’ Wally here did leap over to the pond earlier this week and I am pleased to report a stand of Joe-pye weed has sprouted along the shore.

Now this isn’t a plant that needs to have its feet wet, but I’m sure it likes the moisture all the same. The flower heads stand about six feet tall and are about to bloom.

We’ll be checking them for butterflies soon!