Motionless Monday

Hey, because I got on a roll, here’s a last fun snow photo for the week!


Owl wildlife statue

Guess he’s not scaring off the birdies today. LOL. Officially back on break now!


One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

Can’t help it folks. The Squirrel Nutwork is on break, but I have to post, too, because we saw some amazing sights in the snow this week, including this:

Mystery # 112

Flowers in winter? Anyone know what they are?

In case you’re a new reader to our blog, I’m Hickory Squirrel and on Sunday’s I run this column. When Nutmeg says we’re not on break, that is. Post your guesses in the comments column, then I come back in the evening to see if we have and correct guesses and to reveal the mystery answer. Later!


The flower is a Witch Hazel.

Witch Hazel in snowThis particular flowering shrub is an ornamental species planted in our suburban neighborhood, (we featured it here before) but the plant also grows wild in the forests of Virginia. (which we’ve shown here)

Witch Hazel flowers in snow

What a hardy plant!

Feeding Frenzy

Hi to our readers!

It’s my first post back with you in over a week and I’m excited to be at the keyboard again. We had a bit of a snow here in Virginia, nothing by Coney’s standards I’m sure, but snow all the same, with dire preparations by the humans. Our bird neighbors got into the act as well, mobbing the feeders.

Goldfinches and House Finches at feeder

If you think that’s something, here’s more of the crowd waiting for an opening.

Finches waiting their turns

And several of the fancier birds looked a little wet.

Northern Cardinal

Blue Jay

We squirrels of course, moved at a much more sedate pace , around mid-day, to our own little stash at the table.

Nutmeg at the table

Icy Morning

Snow seems to be pretty much skipping us as our temperatures swung. Yesterday morning was worse than snow because all our surfaces were slick.

ice coated tree

Tree trunks, branches, fence tops, deck railings…

ice blocks our paths

We had to stay in our leaf nests until midday to venture out safely. Looks like we may have a repeat later in the week, so take care out there as you leap from branch to branch.

The Competition

When Hickory went to his favorite treat table, he discovered a saying of Miz Flora’s is true: The early bird gets the worm.

bird competition at the feeding station

“At least you aren’t big enough to haul away the peanuts!” he hollered at them.

Hickory defending his cache

The things a squirrel has to do to get a decent mouthful of corn these days.