Thirsty Thursday

From all of us at The Squirrel Nutwork, enjoy your walks and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Thirsty Thursday

I think you folks have heard from Nutmeg that we squirrels live in Reston, a planned suburb community. Several years ago those humans took it upon themselves to do a renovation to the streams running through town. Back then we weren’t running our blog, but we did soon after, and so Nutmeg had photo of the stream plantings the year after this stream nearest us got its makeover.

Snakeden Branch at Soapstone Drive

That’s Snakeden Branch in the spring of 2012, and here it is again this week.

Snakeden Branch

It’s a spring view versus a summer view, but I think it’s clear these plants love it. Viburnums, Elderberry, Jewelweed…they fill the little stream valley and give us wildlife lots of places to hide as we trek to the water on these hot days.

Thank you, Reston humans!