D is for Deadwood

(Sorry to be late this morning! Can you tell we’re not back into the swing of blogging yet? 😉 )

Yes, Deadwood, and not the show or the town. To us squirrels, deadwood means, dead wood, what human arborists call a ‘snag.’

Snags are many things to wildlife. Maybe a place to live!


Or a place to find food, because as everyone knows, bugs love to burrow!

It’s also a place for new life to begin, because that decomposing wood is really rich minerals.

In other words, what might be trash to be taken out to some humans…

is really a valuable resource in our habitat.



Hickory and I ran across this marked tree.

marked dead tree

We know this means the tree will be cut down. Yeah, it’s dead. Anyone can look at the base or the top and tell that. This snag hasn’t even got enough branches left for us to cross on.

dead tree top

But why does it have to go? So many birds and mammals find homes and food in dead trees.