One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

Quiet week here. I think this is an easy guess of most humans, but, hey, I’ll throw it out there anyway!

Be back later for your guesses!


All–nearly all!–they leaves on the ground here are oaks. The yellow leaves amid the coppery brown ones are  a branch form a White Oak tree. It’s one I–Hickory Squirrel–cut myself to add to my leaf nest. That’s why it’s a bit fresher than the rest of the red oak leaves that fell naturally.

Chilly nights, you know! We all need to add our layers.


End of Fall

The rain is taking down all our leaves–but we squirrels are very glad to have it! A wet woods seems to be a safe woods. Here’s a look at the last of our fall color–the red oak trees!- on the golf course from an explore Hickory and I took a few days ago.

fall color on Reston National Golf Course