Red Maples still holding on!

Sorry if you’re tired of fall color, but we tree-dwellers wait all year for this!


Thirsty Thursday

We squirrels don’t often rave about maple trees. They don’t have acorns. But this week it rained in our area, and–to this old squirrel, at least–there is nothing quite as pretty as a Red Maple leaves in fall color in the rain.

Fall… Autumn

Yesterday was the kind of fall day that every squirrel loves.

We hope you did, too! Get outside!


One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there,

Staying seasonal with our mystery, what are these red leaves?

Mystery # 170

Or if you want a challenge, what are the green ones?

I’ll check back later for your guesses!


This beautiful fall color brought to you by Red Maple, Acer rubric, and Metasequoia, Metasequoia glyptostroboides. Enjoy!


Spectacular Colors!

Red maple

Red maple

Red maple and White Pine

Red maple and White Pine


Mockernut Hickory

Flowering Dogwood

Flowering Dogwood

Black Oak

Black Oak

It’s a glorious time to be up in the branches!


Thirsty Thursday

Canada Geese under Red Maple on Reston national Golf Course

Just another fall day hanging out on the golf course. Lovely.


S is for…


Red Maple samara branch

Bet you thought we’d say squirrels. Hickory wanted me to say squirrels. He wants us to feature squirrels as much as possible during the Blogging From A to Z Challenge, but we got over that a few years ago.

We enjoy a good scamper in the Red Maple trees in our neighborhood, which have been a steady red to pink the last month, looking like they are still blooming.

Red Maple full of ripe samaras

It’s the seeds, the samaras. This is a name given to any winged fruit. When the seeds are ripe, the ‘wings’ dry and are quite papery. They loosen and spin to the ground, and if there is a wind, are carried far from the parent tree, giving them a better chance of growing themselves. It’s part of nature’s plan to make the earth green! When we woke up yesterday, all those little winged Red Maple seeds were floating to the ground–the proof being the humans just laid down mulch yesterday.

samaras on fresh mulch

Of course we got busy, too and nipped off some of the bunches.

Red Maple branch tips nipped by squirrels

Don’t ask me why, it’s just a squirrel urge. And sometimes we eat the seeds.

Red Maple branch nipped by squirrel

But we can’t eat all of them and the samaras of course will go everywhere and send up maple seedlings in the most unlikely places.

samaras in sidewalk crack



They are coming down

The acorns are down and now the leaves.

black oak leaves in fall color

The Black Oak aren’t quite the last to fall…

Red Maple in fall color

This Red Maple is still holding on, even after our rain.


One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve


We’re under canopies of color this weekend. Can you tell from the color what species this might be? I tell you, it’s a good skill for a squirrel to have during nut gathering season.

Mystery #80

Miz Flora assures us this is the peak of the fall color for our D.C. suburbs. So give me your guesses, and get out to enjoy the trees in person, or in squirrel!


As one of our readers comments, we squirrels aren’t wasting time scouting under this tree—a Red Maple. No nuts to gather there, just lots of gorgeous leaves.

Red Maple leaves

We’ll leave those to you humans to gather as you are wont to do each fall. Squirrels haven’t figures out why.


One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

Have you noticed these clumps of…things?

Mystery #60

This is a tough one, so give it your best shot!


Hey folks,

Sorry I’m so slow today. The later hours for daylight are throwing off my schedule. June 21 is right around the corner!. So if you took a close look, you might have picked up a clue.

Maple samara stems

Maple samaras–seeds–cover the mulch here as well. The clumps are the stems which hung the samaras! Really. I have no idea how they get rolled together like a western tumbleweed, but they do, and once they are, they stay together.

debris beneath Red Maple tree

This Red Male tree is a street tree, large and mature, planted back in the 1970’s. Which explains why there are so many samaras and samara stems.

Red Maple canopy

And baby maple trees!