Can we get enough of fall colors?

The rain in our area brought down the majority of the leaves this week, but Nutmeg managed to catch a gorgeous red maple before it did.

Enjoy! (we squirrels did!)


Green, green…

Here in the northern Virginia suburbs, we squirrels have heard it’s supposed to be fall. But, it’s green here, folks. Or whole trees have dropped their leaves. It takes some looking to find signs of fall. But we did!


M is for Maple

Back on April 2nd, on ‘B’ day, we featured red maple blossoms. After thinking it over, we squirrels decided we have given this species the short end of the branch, only because it doesn’t produce acorns. So let’s have another look at maple trees, specifically, the red maple!

As we noted on ‘B’ day, red maples bloom early, often being the first, but certainly the most prolific, early bloomer in the eastern mid-atlantic area. So, nice start to spring with that red blush over the trees. (And food for the bees!) Then theses trees become red all over again when their seeds–the samaras–set on.

We’ve generously written about those, too, here. Clearly, these trees are well named!

Then the red maples go all green for the summer.

Nice, dense shade from these spreading giants. And in the fall…

Look out! It’s a red spectacular!

Winter isn’t boring either.

Nice suburban tree! Too bad it doesn’t grow acorns.

B is for Blossoms

We know you humans are enjoying the spring blossoms, but one of our first spring bloomers in up in the air…

Have you noticed a blush of red in the trees? Red maple trees are a prolific bloomer–providing bees with much needed pollen to feed their young bees and revive the worker numbers.

And for our regular readers expecting a ‘Motionless Monday’ post today–this is the best bloomer we’ve found!


One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there,

Staying seasonal with our mystery, what are these red leaves?

Mystery # 170

Or if you want a challenge, what are the green ones?

I’ll check back later for your guesses!


This beautiful fall color brought to you by Red Maple, Acer rubric, and Metasequoia, Metasequoia glyptostroboides. Enjoy!