Staying cool!

Don’t know about our human readers, but here in northern Virginia we had a false fall. It’s been back to the heat for us and trying to stay cool!


Oh, Deer!

The woods of Reston’s open space are great places to run and hide.

Keep your eyes peeled as the leaves come down.


It’s really muddy out there!

So muddy, we know who has been around…


R is for Raccoon


These burly fellows are very much a part of suburban life and we squirrels like to think they make us look good. Raccoons seem to get into more trouble than we do…or at least bigger trouble!

Come on, who else would get stuck on a fence!

Even if you don’t see raccoons, since they like to prowl around at night, you might see signs of them.


Fair Fall Weather

These nice days we’re out and about, and so are our fellow nut gatherers!

eastern chipmunk

Harder to see those chipmunks, isn’t it?


Some days…

Eastern Gray Squirrel in a tree

all we squirrels get done is the basics, like finding a good meal. This is not acorn season, or bird feeder season, so we really have to hunt. And stay cool! Hope you do the same.


It’s a Human Holiday!

We squirrels have decided we need the weekend off, too!

Eastern Gray Squirrel

Or at least I have! This is our 900th post on The Squirrel Nutwork. Acorns all around!

See you next week, Hickory Squirrel


Thirsty Thursday

Well folks, to keep up with Nutmeg and Hickory’s leaps over the land, this old squirrel had to leap alongside the pond…

Sliders basking

Ol’ Wally’s turtles are almost as camouflaged in his favorite habitat as well.


U is for Unusual Squirrel

We just can’t let a Blogging A to Z Challenge April slip by without featuring one squirrel post in the month. A real squirrel that is!

Unusual White Squirrel

This Eastern Gray Squirrel lives here in northern Virginia’s suburbs, but as you can easily see, he has unusual fur…white. That doesn’t make him albino because his eyes aren’t white, but a blue color. This fellow is at a bit of a disadvantage because his fur doesn’t camouflage with tree trunks. It’s definitely easier for a squirrel with a gray or brownish coat to hide from predators like hawks that would like to carry us off.

But on the other hand, you humans tend to be quite taken with white squirrels, so they find it easier to get handouts! Some people study these unusual cousins of ours, so it you’d like to read more, or contribute your sightings of white squirrels, leap on over to this Wild Classroom page.  Lots of fun reading and even a movie!