M is for Moss

Nothing like a little moss to slow down your day!

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One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

Here’s a little something for you to ponder.

Mystery #92

Perhaps just guess ‘what it is’ rather than trying for a specific name, because even we don’t know that!


As soon as I show you the entire plant, you humans will probably know what the little knobs on the top are:


These are moss spore capsules, what many humans probably refer to as ‘seeds’ but moss is a simple plant, similar to ferns. Neither flower, and it takes a flower to make a ‘seed’.

That’s the simple version that I remembered from everything Miz Flora had to say. If you want to know the whole complicated thing about moss and how they make these spore capsules, then you need to look it up. It’s too much for me!

Thirsty Thursday

This here is another interesting solution for preventing water runoff in your neighborhoods, and a right pretty one, too.

stone-lined storm drain

I just ran across it, and am thinking it was put in within the year or two. The stones have been solidly in place with moisture held around them.

moss between stones

Moss has already gotten a foothold in the crevasses, with grass filling in behind it. Likely it’ll grow to a carpet of green within a few years. Can’t think of a nicer replacement for a solid concrete storm drain. Thank you, creative human gardeners!