H is for Hummingbird Moth

It’s a little early for the Butterfly Bush flowers this nectar feeder is sipping from, but we wanted to give you fair notice to check out those nectar feeders this summer. Some are not as they appear.

Hummingbird Moth feeding on Butterfly Bush

This moth acts like a hummingbird, darting from flower to flower. We squirrels think he’s faking out birds that might eat him, but leave a hummingbird alone.


Hummingbird Moth

One yard in our neighborhood has a huge butterfly bush. Miz Flora is torn between liking it and not, because of course the plant isn’t a native species. But the hundreds of tiny blossoms attract and feed more insects on one plant than many natives, so I think it’s worthwhile. Especially when I got a glimpse of this moth.

We had to follow his quick movements for several minutes before figuring out it’s an insect, not a hummingbird. Our best guess is hummingbird moth, but if you have a positive identification, please speak up and post!