L is for Lenten Rose

No, it’s not a native, but Lenten Rose does grow nicely with a naturalized look. Even better it adds a very early, long-bloomer to your garden that will help bees and other insects when little else is blooming. And Miz Flora says here’s a tip you human gardeners will like: Deer and rabbits don’t like to eat Hellebores. Their leaves produce a poisonous alkaloid that tastes bad–but note this might bother humans with sensitive skin.


Lenten Rose

Here’s an early blooming plant for the early-bird bees to find: Lenten Rose.

Lenten Rose

Miz Flora is still not out and about much yet, except in the warmest part of the day, but she did visit this very showy clump. She doesn’t mind too much that it’s an ornamental, because the colors are very muted and natural-looking.