Fair Fall Weather

These nice days we’re out and about, and so are our fellow nut gatherers!

eastern chipmunk

Harder to see those chipmunks, isn’t it?


Thirsty Thursday

It rained! For more than one day, too!

Raindrops in spider web

Spiderwebs cauth with raindrops

We at The Squirrel Nutwork are excited, but not nearly as excited as this chipmunk in our neighborhood.

Eastern Chipmunk

The rain knocked leaves and ripe acorns from this Pin Oak, making them easy gathering for a fellow mammal who isn’t as keen on climbing as we are.

Pin Oak after rain

But when it’s easy pickings, we’ll grab some of those acorns, too!

Eastern Gray Squirrel gathering acorns

And happy first of October! (Where has the year gone?)

Unexpected Company

Hickory is twitching his tail over this visitor.

Eastern Chipmunk

“He’s in my tree!”

“There are plenty of wild cherries. We can share,” I told him. “You had your fill this morning, or so you told me.”

“I–I–I…it’s my favorite deck.”

“But? Come on now, what does Miz Flora always tell us?”

His tail drooped. “Sharing is the only way we wild critters can survive in the suburbs.” Then he let out a string of chittering. “But it’s so hard!”

Eastern Chipmunk

Hey, Nutmeg turned the blog over to me because things have been a bit crazy around here. I thought since she’s been busy, I’d pal around with one of our suburban neighbors.

But come to find out, Eastern Chipmunks, distant Rodentia cousin of us squirrels, are even more serious than we Eastern Gray Squirrels are about the whole  nut collection thing. He apparently has a ‘cache’ located in some underground location–or three– that he plans on sleeping on top of for the entire winter.

I decided that except for both of us loving acorns, we don’t have much in common