Ready for a quiet winter? We are!

Dear Readers,

You know how busy our suburban lives are. With all the things we squirrels do, it’s harder every year to collect the acorns we need for winter.

A few years ago–actually, it’s been five!–Hickory and I decided to close down the blog. Then we started blogging again, and it came to pass over the next years that closing the blog for the winter gave us the break we needed. A squirrel never knows what winter may bring, however, we do plan to resume the blog, likely for the Blogging A to Z Challenge in April. (What’s that? They have a website, too:

Our archives are still open. Using our sidebar menus, you can look up past posts in categories. For example, if you like to test your nature skills in our Sunday mysteries, search the title “What is it?”. Or use the search bar–labeled ‘Trying to find those nuts we’ve buried?–to hunt for your favorite plants, wildlife or other nature topics. We’re actually pretty good at labelling stuff for you to dig around.

Until spring, have a safe, warm and productive winter!

Your friends at The Squirrel Nutwork.

Nutmeg, Hickory, Ol’ Wally and Miz Flora


A is for Acorns on Another Awesome April with the Blogging From A to Z Challenge!

We squirrels at The Squirrel Nutwork love our A to Z Challenge. This year marks our 5th in the challenge and the start of our 5th year blogging. We have a small but faithful following of mostly–we think–human readers. Our 200th follower just joined us yesterday! Welcome BloominBootiful! She describes her blog as ‘A girl and her garden’ which is a great match for us, ‘connecting to nature in suburban D. C.’

Yes, we write about nature and science and people and how we all get along. Thus, our A to Z topics are all about nature, too. What we find interesting in our little corner of Northern Virginia.


Every year we start our April Blogging Challenge with the same letter, ‘A’ and the same item, Acorns.

Black Oak Acorns

Acorns, like these Black Oak acorns, are very important to squirrels around the world, because we eat them. A lot of them! People sometimes prepare acorns and eat them, too. We are not advising you humans try this unless you look up how to prepare the acorns just right for you, so just trust us, acorns are a healthy food for squirrels.gathering acorns

If you look back to our April 1, 2012 post on A is for Acorns we had a lot to say about acorns and oak trees. Just click on over so we don’t need to repeat it.

Welcome to another season with four squirrels, and thank you for joining us!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today we celebrate four years of blogging on The Squirrel Nutwork! Since it’s not the right season to pass around the acorns, flowers for all!

Magnolia blossoms

(At least we hope you’re having flowers where you are!)

Thanks for joining us in our explores outside! See you on April 1st!

Nutmeg, Hickory, Ol’ Wally and Miz Flora

Happy Winter Solstice! …and closing down…again, again.

Hello and happy solstice!

Easter Gray Squirrel sunning

We squirrels are a little cold today, and trying to catch all the sun we can on this shortest day of the year. It seems appropriate to put the blog to bed for the winter. Hickory and I have done this the last three years, the first thinking we might not reopen. If you’d like to look back on my thoughts from then, here’s my first closing post in 2013.

Of course the blog archives are open. If you are new to visiting us, look around. You can search by month for nature items of seasonal interest, or topic (like our most popular ‘5 leaf vine’, otherwise known as Virginia Creeper) or by column, such as ‘Motionless Monday.’

A long winter break of snoozing and putting our leaf nests in order seems to do wonders for us squirrels. Also, we have completed the Blogging A to Z Challenge each year since we began blogging in 2012, and that’a hard nut to pass up. 😉

We’ve had a longer run into winter than expected, so we are around to wish you humans happy holidays! Take care of yourselves in the months to come!

From your friends at The Squirrel Nutwork,

Nutmeg, Hickory, Ol’ Wally and Ms. Flora

The Day After the Challenge

The Blogging A To Z Challenge is over, and I haven’t seem a ‘We survived it’ badge, so to appease Hickory I’m going with this one.



And–I’m adding this mid-day–here’s the badge Hickory was looking for! We’ll get it on our website border.


Today we squirrels feel like a good rest. You human readers might as well, so here’s a good spot to lounge in the branches. That’s something Hickory has taught me to enjoy over the last year.

Flowering Cherries

Even with our gentle spring rains, this tree provides plenty of cover, and the pink petal drifts catch at my heart every time I see them.

So time for a few announcements. Some time in the last week, the blog passed 75 followers. Thanks for joining us new readers! We hope you’ll enjoy your minutes with us each day.

Those numbers prompted me to look at others. You may not have noticed, but we sport a little badge on the side identifying us as members of The Nature Blog Network. We’re listed as a Backyard blog with them, because of course we talk about Backyard Habitats. My goal when we joined Nature Blog Network a year ago on May 23 was to be on the first page of listings for Backyard Blogs. We made it last June have hovered around the 32 position, but with all of our Challenge activity, we’re up to spot 24 in the Backyard group of 124 bloggers, and spot 371 out of all 2470 Nature Network bloggers. Not bad for four squirrels!

We also have a Facebook page if you haven’t been over to ‘like’ it. We could use some love there!

Have a great spring day! Enjoy the petals!

Hooray for Fifty Followers!

This weekend The Squirrel Nutwork hit a milestone:

Fifty Followers!

Maybe one of them is you!


Acorns all around for our followers! The rest of you have to dig your own. It’s cold and wet out there.

I have to say, it helped to celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day. It’s the kind of event that brings people to take a second look and recognize that the little furry guys in their lives shouldn’t be taken for granted.

“Aw, thanks, Nutmeg!”

Shoot, Hickory is flicking his tail very proudly.

Thanks for joining us!