One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

That mighty big—and heavy!—foot belongs to a Black Bear. These fellows didn’t seem to blink at our flood, seeing it as an opportunity to step in and forage on what the humans had to leave behind.

Black Bear footprint

Great being with you Squirrel Nutwork readers again today!


Living with Wildlife–Everywhere!

Howdy!Coney the Pine Squirrel

Again, I’m Coney the Pine Squirrel, your Colorado Field Correspondent.

It’s Tuesday, one of the days Nutmeg tells me I can talk about anything I like on the blog. She did warn me not to get off topic. It’s got to be related to nature and squirrels.

That’s as easy here as it is in Virginia, even though my suburb doesn’t have sidewalks for me to run along and discover things like Nutmeg does.

Coney's Rocky Mountain neighborhood

Gravel is the surface of choice here. But that doesn’t matter to me, I stick to the trees, which there are plenty of, spruce and pine in this case.

Pine Squirrel in spruce tree with Pine behind

Those are so common around here, they get rather ho-hum, especially when it comes to eating. But once a year we have a real treat in my neighborhood.

Sour Cherries

Cherries. Every neighborhood should have cherry trees. We squirrels descend on this little grove. Unfortunately, another wild neighbor also discovered them this year, which might ruin things for us squirrels.

Broken Cherry tree

Do you readers know which wild animal it was? Here’s a closer look at clue below the broken limb.

Black Bear scat

A black bear tried to climb this tree. We local squirrels get by pretty well with the humans who have spread to living in our mountains, but the bears aren’t doing so hot. They’re big, eat a lot, and if it’s at a human dwelling, scare the residents.

You might think this is just a western problem, out where there is more wilderness land.

Nope. When I wrote to Nutmeg we’d had several bears in my neighborhood, she said some were spotted in her Washington D.C. suburbs, even getting right downtown into the city. Living with wildlife—even BIG wildlife is something every human needs to be aware of.

They might be just as cute as us squirrels, but some wild animals don’t belong in your backyard habitat. Learn how to keep the bears out of your garbage can, your cherry trees and your house on this information website by Colorado Parks & Wildlife.