O is for Owl

The Barred Owl, who keeps watch in our neighborhood!

And maybe O is for Oops! Sorry we’re so late this morning, but now I bet you see why we weren’t too enthused about today’s Blogging From A to Z Challenge letter. We could only thing of something dangerous!

Yet as dangerous as owls are, they are endangered themselves. You humans don’t seem too keen on keeping dead trees around, and dead trees are where many owls nest. Have you considered putting up an owl box on your property? They can be purchased or made from plans…and it seems like most of the plans we are seeing in a online search are for barn owns, which need lots of open land.

In spite of our squirrel instincts to avoid owls, we’re going to hunt down some plan sources for your humans. In the meantime, here’s a good overview of why you should want owls in your life from Rodales Organic Life.


Danger on Wings

Whew. I’ve never sat so still in my life as I did this morning when I looked out the hole in my leaf nest. There on a branch above me was…that!

It’s a Barred Owl. You can tell by the barred feather pattern on his chest, which is right there in my face. He’s looking at me like I’m breakfast, which I could be, but I’m not doing him that favor. Not today. Mother always told us kits Barred Owls lived—and nested—in Reston, but I never believed her. Now I do. I sent out the danger call and I hope every squirrel in the neighborhood heard it and stays hidden.