Thirsty Thursday

Folks, it’s been dry this fall. But this old squirrel, with his comfortable suburban life knowing which houses have a birdbath or backyard pond the humans keep filled, had no idea the local natural waterways were faring this poorly.

Yikes, that is low for our local pond.

We haven’t had a freeze–ha, far from it!–so the place was still abuzz with insects, like this male Autumn Meadowhawk.

Despite finding the pond in less than its best state, I’m happy I took the outing while our weather is balmy.


Leaf hider

While Hickory and I were looking at the Devil’s Walkingstick last week, we found this fellow hanging out on a nearby sumac.

We were so surprised we circled around the tree. The praying mantis followed us, waving its spiky arms!

Even going under the leaf to get a better view of us with its pin-point little eyes.

“We aren’t prey!” Hickory chittered.

Uh, for a praying mantis at least.