A is for Acorns!

A is for Acorns, always, avery…I mean, every year since we started the A to Z April Challenge back in 2012.

(I’ve got one…see it?) That was also the year we squirrels got together to blog about nature around us.

“From a tiny acorn, a mighty oak will grow.”

Why do squirrels like acorns?

Honestly, we squirrels haven’t taken the time to ponder such a question.

“They are easy to find in the woods where we live,” Ol’ Wally said when I asked him.

“They taste good,” Hickory said.

“They smell right,” Miz Flora told me. “That’s how squirrels determine what foods are good. A  human would never understand that.”

Ok, I turned to the humans to find out anyway. A nice scientist named Peter Smallwood understands. Acorns are easy to open. They give us energy quickly, so we squirrels can move on and stay safe. Read more about what Peter thinks about why squirrels like acorns and which acorns they prefer on the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis post. Maybe you can add some ideas to your squirrel feeding?

Acorns… We have talked about them every April 1st:

In 2012

In 2013

In 2014

In 2015

In 2016

In 2017

In 2018

In 2019

Oops, not in 2019! Last year was a special theme, Trees for Bees. We don’t feel as creative this year, but pop over to our monthly list for April 2019 in the side bar and you can revisit all of our great suggestions for what to plant to help pollinators.

This year…things are strange in our world right now, as we squirrels are sure you humans are aware. So we shall see what happens over the month of April in our neck of the woods.

This little space-themed design is the header at the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge website. Head over there if you want a look at the goals of the challenge or to access the list of blogs participating.

All the graphics this year are a beautiful purple, Miz Flora’s favorite color! See the badge over there —>

Lastly, we hope everyone is social distancing. We squirrels have practiced this for forever…well, except when peanuts are involved. So don’t tempt us. Nothing should be as tempting as peanuts. Stay in your drey! Just eat the acorns you have! More new acorns will fall eventually, but for now, we must be satisfied with the ones we have gathered and stay well!

Until tomorrow, my friends!

7 thoughts on “A is for Acorns!

    • Oh, they are! Haven’t seen them out of the house in four weeks, except to go where they buried their acorns. We squirrels hope you have also stored your acorns well and can get to them safely? Or perhaps you have others to dig them for you?
      Stay safe, Sarisinart!

      • Thanks. Well yes Nutmeg I’m a lot like you squirrels! I keep a lot of acorns stored all the time, so now when it’s stormy outside, I don’t have to go looking for any very much. I also have a family member who brings me some special ones sometimes. Sounds like squirrels can’t catch that nasty stuff, but tell your humans to be safe and well.

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed your post as I came here via Cheryl’s Homemade Alphabet Soup. At least there is the month of May to read all the blogs I missed while writing my own in April. I look forward to catching up on more of yours.

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