Blogging A to Z Challenge starts today, with A is for…

Could we be any later in signing up? (See our shiny new badge—>) It’s been that kind of winter, but we are determined to share something important with our followers and possibly new readers of The Squirrel Nutwork:

Trees for Bees

Yes, we squirrels would like you to go green for bees in the biggest way possible! Trees bloom in more space than can be covered over the ground. We saw some quote of how much, but didn’t squirrel it away, so you’ll just have to believe us that it is a lot more.

Plus, you can climb trees, make your homes in them and gather their nuts, and…oh wait, that’s why they trees are important to us!

For you humans, consider planting a new tree this year because it gives you oxygen, cools your urban areas, and absorbs pollutants. We’ll include shrubs, too, because the alphabet makes this hard on squirrels.

So, let’s get on with it…

A is for Acer rubrum, red maple. Red maple is the first tree to bloom in the spring where we live in suburban Washington, D. C..

Their blossoms are the single most important nectar and pollen producer for honeybees in early spring, February to March. They make or break a colony’s survival. If a late freeze kills all the blossoms, many bees will die.

This native and beautiful tree used to be widely plants as a street tree. Our neighborhood from the early 1970s has many, but we’re not sure it’s as widely regarded anymore. The seed, samaras, from that frenzy of pollination sprout everywhere, so why not transplant a couple this year to areas that need new trees?

Bees will love you in the spring, and your neighbors will love you in the fall!

We cannot conclude this ‘A’ post without adding: A is for acorns. We are squirrels. Acorns are our most important food, and since we first joined the Blogging A to Z Challenge in 2012, A has always been for Acorns.

Share your thoughts about trees and bees in the comments, or on social media. We’d love to see the hashtag #TreesForBees get a lot of attention this spring–a great time to plant a tree! Arbor Day is April 26th where we live.


10 thoughts on “Blogging A to Z Challenge starts today, with A is for…

    • Some of the plants we post will be shrubs. We can’t find enough bee-friendly trees to fill out the alphabet. We’ll try to include sizes, too!
      Thanks for reading! Nutmeg

  1. I almost got stung by a bee earlier last week when the weather was warm. I have yellow fur around my jean jacket and it was attracted to the colour I think. Bright yellow. I guess the bee thought I was a flower lol. Anyway… I am participating in the AtoZ Challenge as well. Here is my post : Jackie’s Bookbytes Letter A

  2. Great photos! We have trees that have flowers in the winter, some in Autumn, and others that bloom in Spring and Summer. We also, of course, have Acorn trees.

    Ronel visiting from the A-Z Challenge with Music and Writing: All the A’s

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