One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

Here’s a common sight in nature–do you know what it is?

I”l check the comments for your guesses and return later with the answer. By the way, Nutmeg wants to put the blog on hiatus for the winter, which means we’ll soon stop our regular posts. You can always access our archives!


It’s definitely an oak leaf, which many of you many have realized…and we had a correct guess today! We have so many different oaks in the neighborhood–white, pin, black, willow and chestnut! Because they blow all round, we can’t always identify the fallen leaves by the closest tree, which is the case with this leaf that was found beneath a chestnut oak.

Only the pin and the black oak have the deep lobes with pointy tips between, and the Pin Oaks have the deeper lobes of the two.

Here are black oak leaves for comparison:

But really, any of the oak species are great trees to us squirrels!


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