Still safe to visit the flowers!

After Ol’ Wally’s dramatic tale from yesterday, I decided the blog needed an uplifting moment–and butterflies seem to still fit that idea. No spicebush swallowtails or monarchs died during the time Hickory and I visited these flowers!

But we did find one juvenile hiding!

“As he well should!” Hickory chittered. “Birds. If you can’t trust them to stay out of your sunflower seeds, then when can you trust them?”

2 thoughts on “Still safe to visit the flowers!

  1. Amazing photos! That includes the dignified kingbird. Come to think of it, I wonder if it’s the bird’s bearing that earned that name. Hmmm…

    We have a lot of mantids around here, though I haven’t seen as many this season. That’s probably because my allergies have been too bad to enjoy much outdoor patio time. Here’s hoping that will change soon. I’m happy to say all sorts of insects seem to have thrived this summer. We have butterflies and spiders galore, though I could have done without that hornet’s nest. It’s been fun watching skippers flit all over my purple perennial salvia.

    • So glad to hear you have seen many butterflies! We feel there have been fewer this year in our area of suburban D. C. Hopefully not a trend that will continue.

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