Y is for Yellow Bear Caterpillar

Sometimes known as the Yellow Woolly Bear, this fuzzy caterpillar is striking with his furry spines. He is somewhat smaller than the black and orange woolly bear, but feeds on clover and grass so likely you’ve seen him at some point. After eating his fill and changing to the adult form, he’s known as the Virginia Tiger moth, a white moth that we don’t have a photo of, so here’s a resource at Butterflies and Moths of North America.


2 thoughts on “Y is for Yellow Bear Caterpillar

  1. Thank you for the photo and the link. This guy is adorable in both forms! And I adore turtles. SO once knicked one’s shell with the lawn mower. Thank heaven, the creature seemed to recover just fine. And one day, I pulled over on a side road to take a turtle out of the way. I chose the area the little thing faced, so hope I chose correctly. ~grin~ By the way, you are not alone in cheating for X. It can be tricky. Be well!

    • Oh, yes, indeed, it’s important to keep them login the direction they were headed. Might have bene a female with the scent of a good mulch place to lay eggs…or anything. Turtles can be as stubborn as squirrels about crossing the road!

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