R is for Raccoon


These burly fellows are very much a part of suburban life and we squirrels like to think they make us look good. Raccoons seem to get into more trouble than we do…or at least bigger trouble!

Come on, who else would get stuck on a fence!

Even if you don’t see raccoons, since they like to prowl around at night, you might see signs of them.


One thought on “R is for Raccoon

  1. Raccoons used to leave droppings on our back deck by the door to our kitchen. As a result our cats felt the need to mark on their side of the door, carpeted of course. We ended up calling exterminators, which made me sad. But it solved the problem, which received further resolve when we had the kitchen redone and replaced carpet with tile. Stay out of trouble! I had to slam on the breaks yesterday to keep from hitting a squirrel.


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