One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

As you can tell by the few posts we squirrels are managing to get out in a week, we are starting our winder slowdown. Nutmeg and I are thinking we will go on hiatus this week. We’ve done this the last few winters, if you are new to The Squirrel Nutwork.

So here’s a mystery for today, a little something we ran across on the side of a wagon:

Mystery #173

And another view:

Mystery #173


Who do you gathered these materials? And why?

Leave me your guesses in the comments. I’ll check back later!


We had a guess that it might be a field mouse nest. In fact, that’s what we squirrels originally thought. But then Nutmeg and I reviewed the mouse nests we’ve seen compared to bird nests. Mouse nests are almost always grass, or grass and one other material, like moss or sometimes a bit of discarded human material.

Take a look at this nest again.

Wren nest

Grass, pine needles, moss, bits of leaf, the veins of leaves, plastic, the lacy roots on top. This is quite a collection! One bird who collects many materials and really builds more of a nest than it needs, is the wren.

Carolina Wren

We aren’t sure if this was built by a Carolina Wren or a House Wren, so if any of you human readers have a firmer idea than we do, please write to us!


4 thoughts on “One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

  1. Up here (southern PA) our house (Jenny) wrens are already gone, migrated two months ago. But our Carolina wrens stay here all year round. And they make a nest to sleep in in the cold, in a hanging basket on my back porch. It has a tunnel like this. Does that help?

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