One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

We have a garden resident who has slowed down in the cool weather.

mystery #168

Many of you probably recognize this fellow, but if you’re a little hazy on your identification, throw a guess into the comments section.

I’ll be back later with the correct answer.


Yes, we had a correct guess today! The Eastern Garter Snake is very common in our suburban neighborhoods, but we wish more appreciated! This little snake is harmless and does so much to keep down mice, voles and even slugs. We won’t mention that the larger ones sometimes try to get into squirrel and chipmunk nests. Darn things.


This is an easy snake to recognize because it has two stripes running the length of its body. These white to yellow stripes make it hard for an enemy to tell the garter snake is moving, and–bam!–it’s gone before you know it!. The body color on garter snakes is splotchy and ranges from tan to brown to green. This makes them harder to see in the dappled sunlight on grass, mulch or the forest floor. They can swim and like to to catch fish and frogs. They can climb trees and like to eat baby birds.

No wonder this snake is so common–it eats about anything!


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