Bees–learn more about them!

So…bees. Last year, we squirrels began to notice more human news stories about bees. None of us here at The Squirrel Nutwork can claim to be bee experts, but we like them. We like that they cause good things to eat to grow. We’ve featured posts and photos about our neighborhood bee sightings.

Hickory poked us all with his column’s small tribute to the death of millions of bees in South Carolina, and we decided it’s time to just have some bee awareness here on our blog.

Did you know humans talk about bees on twitter? Back on July 30, 2016 we saw this post by @helpthebees.


Yo-boy, Lamb’s Ears, a plant that is easy for you humans to grow, and in fact, we had seen and talked about it in our neighborhood–in 2012 and 2013!

Lamb's Ears full plant

Seeing that tweet about Lamb’s Ears and the Wool Carder Bees led us to and a lot more information about bees!

Stop in and visit them! In the meantime, here’s a different bee on Lamb’s Ears, we think a Carpenter Bee. (Correction! It’s a Common Eastern Bumble Bee!)

Bee on Lamb's Ears

And this one below is also a Common Eastern Bumble Bee–see how the yellow goes down onto the abdomen, and it’s fuzzy?

Carpenter Bee resting

These two are Carpenter bees on Passion flowers. They have a dot of black on the center of the thorax.

Carpenter Bees with pollen on their backs

Can you see the pollen on their backs?


6 thoughts on “Bees–learn more about them!

  1. I love watching the bees on lamb’s ear! We have that here in Oregon as well. My favorite things are watching the sunflower bees getting drunk on sunflower pollen, and the bumblebees in the Bee’s Friend flowers…so relaxing!

  2. Bee-autiful! ~grin~ I should add some lamb’s ear. For some reason, it did NOT grow well for me in the past. I will try again all these years later.

    • We think it might be a little picky about its soil, or else heat. We have seen Lamb’s Ears growing well among some rocks, and 2 feet over, other plants are only 4 inches high. Maybe try another spot? Best wishes on it!

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