One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

Mystery #162

Recognize this beauty? Give us a guessing the comments and this week I promise I will be back to post the answer!


Eyes, eyes, eyes! This Common Buckeye has eyes, what you humans call butterfly spots…

Common Buckeye

on the forewings and the hind wings…viewed from the top…

Common Buckeye

…and the undersides!

In summertime the Buckeye is found throughout most of the United States sipping nectar from composites. But the surest way to attract any butterfly to your yard is to plant vegetation the caterpillars eat. The adult Common Buckeyes lay their eggs on host plants in the snapdragon and plantain families. Give them a try next year!


3 thoughts on “One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

  1. I have yet to see one of these lovelies flitting about my yard. Thanks for the information on host plants. I adore snapdragons and didn’t know this about them. And now I’m curious about the plantain family. It makes me think of South American cooking. Hmmm… Will have to look up this family of plants. Now, though, I’m hungry for plantain chips!

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