When you run across a bit of danger…

There’s nothing like leaping branch to branch through in a tree. Sometimes Hickory and I feel we’re flying like the birds, we move so fast.

Then you come upon something that really makes you think I need to watch where I’m going!

Paper Wasps building a nest

Yep, paper wasps. Building a new nest. Luckily, we had swerved to avoid the wild rose tangle they were in and missed leaping into them. Also luckily, this was a tiny piece of new nest, with not many wasps around. This late in the summer, that means a nest broke in a storm.

“Or did the hive split and these ones are establishing with a new queen?” Hickory  asks with a twitch of his tail.

Well, we didn’t stick around to learn the answer.


One thought on “When you run across a bit of danger…

  1. I admire many insects but recently heard that *all* wasps are honey bee killers. I’m wondering what others have learned in this frightening regard. I’d appreciate your opinion(s). Be well!

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