Motionless Monday

Hey there!

And now moving completely away from birds…we chattered ourselves silly when we saw this ‘loud-mouth’ frog.

Frog fountain wildlife statue

Really, he’s a little garden fountain left high and dry! Stay safe out there this week!

One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve: Guess the Gray Bird #7

Hey there!

I’ve saved one of the hardest for today. Do you know what this gray bird is?

Mystery #161

As usual for a Sunday mystery, I’ll let you guess and check back in later with the answer!


Well folks, I must apologize. Squirrel life in the woodlands was a bit disrupted this week and I forgot to post the answer to the mystery. I think I just assumed I gave the answer like I’d been doing all week with the other gray birds. *paws over eyes*

Eastern Phoebe

This is the Eastern Phoebe, a bird you humans may hear before you see. The call is it’s name– a raspy phoebe–usually made with a wag of the tail. Phoebes are a type of flycatcher, and just as the name describes, they feed on insects while flying.

Motionless Monday – Guess the Gray Bird #1

Hey there!

Sorry for skipping your mystery yesterday, but as Nutmeg noted on Saturday, I have a mini quiz lined up for this week. It focuses on…


bird wildlife statue on birdbath

Birds! Specifically, little gray birds, which can be downright confusing. Here in eastern North America we have a lot of them, so I’ll be posting a series of gray–or grey, if you prefer–birds. See if you recognize the species, then scroll below for an identification.

Can’t wait to get started, so here’s your first bird!

Northern Mockingbird

This fellow is pretty common.

It’s a Northern Mockingbird.

Thirsty Thursday

Walk around a pond and you’re sure to see dragonflies. Have you folks ever noticed some of them eat the smaller damselflies? Dragonflies are predators! Reminds this old squirrel of a miniature hawk.

DSCN2441This here is a favorite of mine, the Eastern Pondhawk–see, Ol’ Wally isn’t the only one thinking hawk! The male is easy to identify if you look for the blue abdomen and green face.

Eastern Pondhawk male


Eastern Pondhawk male

I’m sure you’ll be watching over your shoulder on your next pond stroll!