Thirsty Thursday

Down at the pond, there are a lot of insects flying on these long summer days. When its hot, this old squirrel likes to take a slow meander down to the edge and stretch out in the shade of a big tree.

Well, today, from my sycamore branch, my whiskers were buzzed by a damselfly. Don’t know if you good human readers have ever had that happen, but it’s annoying. The darned thing forced Ol’ Wally here to open his eyes.

Ebony Jewelwing female

Before me was the prettiest little blue damselfly–an Ebony Jeweling. This one was a female.

I watched. Sure enough, in a few minutes along came a male.

They’re easy to tell apart–he has white patches at the tips of his wings.

Ebony Jewelwing male

These aquatic insects are sometime called black-winged damselfly. Easy to tell why.

Well, it wasn’t long before they found each other, and started doing what bugs do.

Ebony Jewelwing damselflies mating

That’s why there are so many of them around in nature. I closed my eyes–not out of modesty, but to go back to sleep. They’d forgotten about my whiskers.


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