Motionless Monday

Hey there!

Frog dragonfly wildlife statue

This frog sure looks hungry!

Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Motionless Monday

  1. Dear Nutmeg,

    I live in Massachusetts, and my human has recently moved into a house with a big backyard and woods nearby. She lets me and my little brother Henry out in the yard if we wear our collars with bells, and sometimes we chase the squirrels, but we never catch them. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a cat. My name is Milo.

    My human sits in the yard every day and is trying to learn to recognize the birds by their songs and calls. But she doesn’t know the names of most of the trees around. (She grew up in Chicago, and doesn’t know much about nature.) If she took a picture and sent it to you and your friends, would you be able to tell her? I figure who knows more about trees than a squirrel!

    I hope you’ll answer me, even though I’m a cat.


    • Oops, sorry for the delay in answering! This one slipped by–thank goodness Darla commented, too!. Yes, please send your photos. Best would be close-ups of the leaves, one of a branch and an overall of the tree. Perhaps you would allow us to post the mystery tree so others may learn, too? Our email address is thesquirrelnutwork AT gmail DOT com It’s also on our contact page.

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