One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

As we said earlier this week, the bird feeders are seeing some action.

Mystery #152

Recognize this fellow? Give us a guess who he is in the comments.

I–your mystery host, Hickory–will check back later!


We had a correct guess today! The Indigo Buntings have made their annual migration north to our area–in fact, to all of eastern North America–for the summer. They do eat mainly insects in the summer, but with a big bill like that you know they also eat seeds, so can be found hanging out at your feeder–especially if you put out thistle seeds!

Here in eastern North America, we have a few birds that are blue: Indigo Bunting and Eastern Bluebird are about the same size–the size of a House Sparrow. Two larger birds are the Blue Grosbeak–also almost all blue–and the Blue Jay, which is a lighter gray and blue.

Some of you humans might have guessed Eastern Bluebird, so here’s a male Eastern Bluebird for comparison:

Eastern Bluebird male

I usually post another photo of the mystery, so please don’t get confused. This is not the Indigo Bunting! To tell it’s a bluebird, look for the red belly. He also has a thinner bill.

Like the male bluebird, the male Indigo Bunting is bright blue–but on both the back and the belly. The female Indigo Bunting is much harder to spot because she is brown and similar to a House Sparrow. This helps her hide on a nest. We’ll let you humans check The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Indigo Bunting page for more photos to help tell these birds apart.

It’s fun to spot a different bird, but unlike flowers, they don’t stay still. Your eye has to go to the body parts to help identify them before they fly off!


5 thoughts on “One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

  1. If you’re in the field, bird songs are a tremendous help in identification, of course, but I’m only good with a few obvious natives to my area like cardinals and chickadees. ~grin~ Thank you for the information! I may have guessed correctly, but I cheated and read before trying. ~shakes head~ Be well!

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