May flowers are here!

Well, Hickory took the week off and I’m…late. Can you tell the rain has thrown us squirrels off schedule? But the wet has brought out the leaves to their fullest and sped flowers!

Don’t you humans have a saying that “April showers bring May flowers” ?

spring aster

I think it’s an aster, but Miz Flora rarely bothers identifying composites because they’re difficult. If any of our readers know, please feel free to speak up! It’s that kind of day.

Hooray! A reader wrote to tell us it’s Daisy Fleabane, Erigeron annuus. Asters only bloom in the fall, whereas the fleabanes start in late spring and bloom through to fall. If you look carefully in the photo’s background you can see this plant kind of popped up next to some day lilies. The Daisy Fleabane apparently does that–just grows in waste places and open fields.

I suppose if the humans in our suburbs didn’t mow so much we’d see more of them.


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