Y is for Yellow Poplar

The Yellow Poplar tree, Liriodendron tulipifera, also known as the Tulip Tree and the Tulip Poplar, is not yellow! It’s leaves are green like most other trees’.

Yellow Poplar leaves

But its flower is yellow and it looks like a tulip.

Tulip Tree flower, inside view

Tulip Tree Flower

The flowers produce seedpods in the fall that look like rows of candles upon the leaves and sprinkle apart to the ground, not at like the flying wings of the maple smarts. And we have no clue what eats them.

Tulip Tree Seedpods

Maybe that’s why there are so many Yellow Polars around here.

Yellow poplar trees grows straight and are the tallest hardwood tree in out eastern woodlands.

Tulip Trees in foreground, Oak in background


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