W is for Wasps

Wasp on MilkweedWell, not what you might have expected us to feature on a nature blog, but some these later letters do get tricky…and we noticed an unusually high proportion of plants in our month’s challenge.

Wasp on a web

Wasps include hornets and yellow jackets, are related to bees and ants and are old, old old. They date back to the time of dinosaurs! After being around that long, they have 30,000 different species. Er, those are the identified ones…

wasp on boneset

I suppose all that time on earth allowed them to develop the perfect way to survive–stinging–which didn’t used to make them too popular among you humans. These days, you’re putting out houses for them!

wasp and bee house

wasp and bee house

Thank goodness someone remembers wasps are beautiful and a part of nature.


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