One of Nature’s Mysteries to solve

Hey there!

Here’s a simple leaf for today’s mystery plant.

Mystery #149


Give me your guesses in the comments and I’ll check in later!


One of our most active commenters posted the answer to today’s mystery–but in clue form!

Sarasinart said: “It could be seen as a bunch of weeds or a thousand wishes.”

Exactly right!


Unfortunately, the dandelions in our neighborhood had long curving stalks, so we didn’t manage to any of their seedheads in focus. This is our attempt to fix that.

dandelion seedhead


Clearly Nutmeg was not having a good photo day! But we figure you know what a dandelion looks like! Each one contains so many seeds because each yellow petal on the dandelion’s flower head is actually a flower itself, each producing a seed. No wonder they are so successful!


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