K is for Kalmia latifolia

Not many people go around calling it that, but frankly, we were hard-pressed to find something for the letter K…besides squirrel kits, which are terribly cute, but if you look back through our years of participating in the Blogging From A to Z Challenge, you’ll see we’ve used that–several times.

Mountain Laurel

Kalmia latifolia is the latin species name for Mountain Laurel, a lovely evergreen shrub native to the eastern United States. It prefers a damper, shady habitat, which is where most people put azaleas. Go native instead!

Mountain Laurel flowers

Mountain Laurel should be blooming in another month, in early May for us in Virginia.

And we’ve been remiss in not mentioning it’s Squirrel Week! Hosted by John Kelly, columnist with the Washington Post, this is human event is a great look at us squirrels, and sometimes our interactions with you humans. The April 9th article on dreys is especially good for those of you with questions about how we build our leaf nests.


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