C is for Cherry

Ok, folks, I had this all set before we checked the letter schedule for ‘D’ day…and saw Sundays are free! We forgot! (How quickly they forget!) Does anyone else miss that nice calendar desktop A to Z used to have?

So we don’t disappoint all of our regular readers,  you get a bonus C at the bottom. In the meantime, here’s our cherries….Ornamental Weeping Cherry Tree blossoms

Wild Cherry Blossoms

Spring and cherry blossoms. Sigh. Whether planted trees or native, haven’t they been lovely?


C is also for Canada Geese wildlife statue on Motionless Monday, a little column in which we squirrels feature wildlife statures because humans can’t seem to get enough of us!

Canada Geese Wildlife Statue


3 thoughts on “C is for Cherry

  1. Sakura blossoms! Hurray!

    How awesome you know it’s not “Canadian” geese. ~grin~ My friend who promotes bluebird housing taught me the difference, incidentally.

    As for your earlier post, I like maple trees until the seeds drop. However, I think squirrels eat them. Is that true?

    Best wishes!

    • We squirrels eat most anything, but give us a beech nut over maple any day! And yes, Ol’ Wally made sure we learned the Canada vs Canadian. Miz Flora is a stickler for proper names as well!

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