Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today we celebrate four years of blogging on The Squirrel Nutwork! Since it’s not the right season to pass around the acorns, flowers for all!

Magnolia blossoms

(At least we hope you’re having flowers where you are!)

Thanks for joining us in our explores outside! See you on April 1st!

Nutmeg, Hickory, Ol’ Wally and Miz Flora


6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Us!

  1. Welcome back!! We enjoy your posts and look forward to another awesome season. Early flowers were buried under a major snow last week. More tonight and tomorrow. Colorado is a bit fickle this time of year.

    • Yes, so we’ve heard form our Field Correspondent Piney! He had 2 feet up in the front range. But all that moisture must mean you’ll get your flowers!

  2. Ooh, lovely. Congratulations on the anniversary! By the way, can you tell me what flower this is? I’ve just been reading the horrors of invasive bradford pears and want to replace ours. Of course, our soil is heavy clay and highly alkaline, more so than yours I do believe. Welcome back!

    • It’s a type of deciduous magnolia tree, but we don’t know what specific kind, since it’s not native. A nursery would. Maybe you could print the photo to show them. There are white and pink ones in our neighborhood. Have fun shopping of your new tree!

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