Are you thinking of spring?

While going through the cold, sleepy days of winter, we missed a pingback from a few weeks ago, but now that it’s warmed up a bit here, we squirrels are starting to look around again.

“Hey, we had a pingback?” Hickory flicks his tail. “They liked us?”

They did. And just as we are, they’re thinking of things to do outdoors before we can get out there to do them.

“But it’s great to see flowers!” Ms. Flora has a dreamy look in her eyes.

Thank you to Cheercrank’s Amazing Ideas for Your Home and Garden for including one of our photos in a post about “How to Recycle Tree Stumps for Garden Art and Decoration.”

Ol’ Wally harrumphs. “Cute, but not so many of our suburban dwellers have one of these lying around.”

tree stump

Well, maybe not so easy, but using the rotten core of a log is natural and keeps from adding more plastics to the world. Plus, it’s what nature does naturally…

stump insides

…though maybe with not so spectacular results. You humans can think around it using Cheercrank’s photos. Have any firewood you didn’t end up using? A tree fall during your snow storm?

We squirrels still won’t be back to regular blogging for a while. In the meantime, Happy Leap Year Day! Stay safe out there!