Happy Winter Solstice! …and closing down…again, again.

Hello and happy solstice!

Easter Gray Squirrel sunning

We squirrels are a little cold today, and trying to catch all the sun we can on this shortest day of the year. It seems appropriate to put the blog to bed for the winter. Hickory and I have done this the last three years, the first thinking we might not reopen. If you’d like to look back on my thoughts from then, here’s my first closing post in 2013.

Of course the blog archives are open. If you are new to visiting us, look around. You can search by month for nature items of seasonal interest, or topic (like our most popular ‘5 leaf vine’, otherwise known as Virginia Creeper) or by column, such as ‘Motionless Monday.’

A long winter break of snoozing and putting our leaf nests in order seems to do wonders for us squirrels. Also, we have completed the Blogging A to Z Challenge each year since we began blogging in 2012, and that’a hard nut to pass up. 😉

We’ve had a longer run into winter than expected, so we are around to wish you humans happy holidays! Take care of yourselves in the months to come!

From your friends at The Squirrel Nutwork,

Nutmeg, Hickory, Ol’ Wally and Ms. Flora


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