One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

We squirrels watch in amusement as the humans in our neighborhood deck out their homes with bright colors this time of year. If you look around, we’ve got some bright colors in nature, too!

Mystery #145

Any guess what they are? I’ll be back later to check your guesses!


We had a correct guess on today’s mystery! Kalamain guessed Beautyberry, a Callicarpa genus, and it is. Purple Beautyberry, in this case Ms. Flora thinks, but there are many species. For all that it looks exotic, it is a native of North America with many medicinal uses and one we find most interesting: In the early 1800s the farmers would crush the leaves and p the mash under horse harnesses to repel mosquitos!

We squirrels like to eat these berries, but have some competition from raccoons, deer and opossums as well as birds like the American Robin, finches and Brown Thrasher. They do make a pretty planting if you’re looking to spruce up your wildlife habitat!

Purple Beautyberry

It’s a pretty little shrub, loose and open.


8 thoughts on “One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

  1. I’ve never seen that but it sure is pretty. I’ll be so curious to see what that is. Happy Holidays to the squirrels and humans around your house! Thanks for so many interesting blogs.

    • Thanks, Sarasinart! Happy Holidays to you and MaChatte! With Nutmeg’s help, I manage to sneak over the internet and catch up with you periodically. No one in our suburban neighborhood grows vegetables like you do, so it kind of makes me drool to see your photos.

      • I’m glad you get to have Nutmeg help you to post. 🙂 Between you, you post really enjoyable stuff. Spring will come and I’ll be posting more garden stuff, cos I’m addicted.

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