Thirsty Thursday

This old squirrel could hear digging ’round the back of a row of townhouses in our neighborhood and went to inspect the doings.

runoff / drainage solutions

Seems the water running down this hill was seeping into the human houses during the big storms. A small dirt ditch wasn’t carrying it away, so a larger one was dug. They have lined it with some ground fabric, that should keep the dirt and stone separate but still allow the water to trickle through.

cobblestone drainage ditch

Took a few days for them to finish and refill it with stones. Ol’ Wally here really likes that they chose not to put in a concrete channel. This system of the ditch catching the water and dispersing it through the stones should allow the water to still seep into the ground except in the heaviest storms. Then the excess will be carried to a parking lot storm drain.


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