One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

Quite a few fruits and berries out there, even in the fall.

Mystery #141

Can you identify this one?

I’ll check back later!


Sorry to be so late–chillier day here and we wanted to get some more gathering done before a freeze… which Ms. Flora says will improve the flavor of these Hawthorn pomes. Yes, they look like berries to me, too.  To be honest, we’re not really sure about that freeze business.


See those thorns? And the branches are so tight together, it’s almost impossible to get through them. For good sized squirrel’s like us, anyway. We are just guessing the berries aren’t very good now because the birds have left them alone. They do love them on a winter’s day, especially the cardinals.


This is not a native tree, but planted in out neighborhood. Commonly they used to be planted as hedgerow trees–because of the close branching–and the ‘pomes’ were gathered by humans for jellies and such.

Please note, we have to say we are not recommending you humans go out and try them based on our say-so. Always check potential with reliable sources, not the word of a squirrel.


Drop us a nut to find!

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