Gray Tree Frog

Hey there,

Hickory here taking over for Nutmeg. We’ve all fallen a bit behind here because of preparing for winter. I may as well announce to our newer followers that The Squirrel Nutwork goes into hibernation over the winter. We don’t have a set day yet, just whenever Nutmeg thinks we need to. Kind of weather dependent.

So on to today’s post:

Sometimes we squirrels are forgetful. Not one, but two readers sent us photos of gray tree frogs over the summer, and we just found them again. Oops. Time to share, even though these little frogs will soon be hibernating.

Gray Tree frog 2

Tree frogs are named because they live in trees, in damp areas but directly in water. These arboreal amphibians are small, about an inch long, so we pass along our congratulations to our readers, Nancy and Michael, for spotting them!

Gray Tree Frog 3

Like all other frogs, they do eat insects and if they are living near your human houses, they will come out at night to catch the insects that are drawn to lights.

Gray Tree Frog 1

Yes, even though it’s green, this is still a gray tree frog. They can change color to camouflage to what they are sitting on, ranging from nearly black to a very pale color. It’s a very slow change though.

Obviously, being so small, tree frogs are prey to many larger animals, including snakes and birds. That’s where the camouflage comes in handy, as well as this:

Gray Tree Frog 4

See that stripe that goes right through the eye? It hides the frog’s eye and along with the other mottling on the tree frog’s skin, it makes it hard to see their face and specific shape. Good trick, huh?

Thank you again to our readers who shared their photos!


2 thoughts on “Gray Tree Frog

  1. I did not know the purpose for that stripe. Fascinating. I always learn something new here. A dear friend of mine showed me one of these little darlings directly under his garage light. Clever creatures.

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