One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

Here’s a great tree that stays in its peak of color for a long time.

mystery #138

We’re sure you’ve noticed it, but do you know what it is as you zoom past in your car?

We’ll be back later looking for your guesses!


Whee-oh! Where has the day gone? Seems like we no sooner wake up, eat, hunt for acorns beneath the leaves, eat, play some in the colorful branches, hunt some more acorns, eat again, hunt again and then the sun goes down!

But alternating with all that hunting of acorns, we squirrels are lucky enough to be able to hunt hickory nuts, too–from this tree! That’s a Mockernut Hickory, the one that has a big round hull that splits four ways. The leaves are huge–well, not as big as that Devil’s Walking Stick we showed you back a week or so ago, but still a compound leaf with five to nine leaflets.

Mockernut Hickory leaves in fall color

Easy enough to identify, especially theses days in its glorious burnished gold autumn color.

Take a gander, because we have that feeling to the roots of our gray furries that autumn won’t last much longer.


Drop us a nut to find!

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