Motionless Monday

Hey there,

We squirrels are starting to see signs of fall harvest as we run along the sidewalks!

Frog statue planter

Our plants won’t be green much longer–the cold is now upon us in Virginia!


5 thoughts on “Motionless Monday

  1. We’ve had 2 nights of hard freeze up here in SC PA. The squirrels and birds like it at our house, cos they get fed good things all thru the cold months. They all know there will be food here for them after they get the acorns and black walnuts all gathered up. It’s a very busy time for you squirrels!

  2. Yep, as soon as it gets cold the first time, I put up my feeder and squirrels jump up there to get suet that also hangs from that pole. My son, next door, feeds them on a tree stump out back every day all winter. The squirrels around here are our neighbors and live in all the trees near the house. They knew which neighborhood to come to live in! 🙂

  3. I’ve still been careful to not speed when driving around and had to stomp the break for a precious little squirrel just this morning. He or she carried a very fine harvest, indeed. I enjoyed the sight and am glad nobody was riding my bumper!

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