One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

It’s cooling down, so it won’t be much longer until a lot of these bugs are gone.

Mystery #136

Any idea what this one is?

I’ll check back later!


It’s not a bee! It’s not a wasp!

Eastern Yellow Jacket

This is a Eastern Yellow Jacket for comparison.

We’ve shown you a Flower Fly!

Flower Fly


These little insects do an excellent job of mimicking wasps! Despite their dangerous yellow-black warning coloring, these Flower Flies–also called Hoverflies and Sweat Bees–are actually harmless, and some of them do a lot of good. We squirrels don’t see them that often, but some species of Flower Flies sip nectar.

Flower Fly on Butterfly BushOthers eat a variety of foods when they are larvae, including dead pants and animals, but best of all, aphids. We all know how much damage aphids do to plants, so this is very good news and Flower Flies are starting to become recognized for being a helpful insect.


One thought on “One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

  1. Fascinating! I do try to leave insects alone unless I can positively identify them as a problem, and that includes wasps as long as they aren’t a threat. Thank you for sharing.

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