Five-lined Skink

Everyone was out catching the sun rays this week, including one of our most common lizards, the Five-lined Skink.

Five-lined skink

But we have to ask, how ofter do our human readers see these reptiles? Not as often as  snakes, we hazard a guess. Even we squirrels don’t see them too often, but that might be because we spend so much time above ground scampering from tree limb, to deck railing to fence. It’s far safer! Though they can climb, skinks spend most of their time close to the ground, filling themselves on insects–beetles, crickets and grasshoppers–plus other ground critters like snails,  slugs, earthworms and spiders.

Bet a lot of you homeowners just decided a skink might be a bit of wildlife you’d like to have around protecting your garden!


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